Congratulations! You have decided to travel to the North of Spain

You start here an unforgettable journey!

You already have a clear destination and budget for your vacation, but ...

You lack time to plan the trip, you are overwhelmed by the process of searching for information, what to do, what to see, where to stay, how to get there and a lot of doubts that arise ...

Looking forward to know more than the most iconic and touristic places in Asturias?

You don't want to do the typical rural tourism getaway and instead you want toget in touch with people and the environment.?

You know that travelling is more than a way to disconnect from your busy day to day.

You sense that the experiences and joy that a trip brings you are not necessarily in relation to the money you spend?

Get a 100% personalised getaway or trip, according to your budget, your tastes and your values to enjoy to the fullest. 

Travel design tailored to you

If you agree with the above, you are like me! I'm Daniela and I was also looking for this when I came on vacation to Asturias. But I only found it when I came to live.

The problem is that it is difficult to contact local people when you are planning your trip and to know the small events, workshops or visits that are organised but not advertised on tourism portals. Most of the trips, getaways or "gift box" experiences on the market are highly commercial and poorly balanced in price / value.  

In reality, Asturias is much bigger, prettier and more authentic than what is sold to us as a Natural Paradise. It is full of interesting proposals, exciting and authentic experiences. And coincidentally, those are the proposals that can make your trip a unique experience that you'll always remember instead of the typical getaway that everyone does.

What you want is to MAKE THE MOST of your stay in ASTURIAS. But... travelling your way because each person is unique. 

If you think that travel gives you more than just leisure and a way to disconnect from the routine ...

Then, with Asturias conVivencias you will find many possibilities to discover Asturias. I am going to explain to you how to get an authentic trip, your own, special...

Make the most value out of your budget, without intermediaries

Taking care of your budget is one of the priorities when designing your trip.

Many times we see how people's budget is lost in intermediaries and commissions from large Internet portals, but they do not add value to the traveller or the local company. 

I design the trip for you directly, just as I do for my family and friends. As with them, I will care for your money so that it does not get lost in things that do not add value to your trip.

What I do is contact my local partners directly to organise all the visits and activities of your trip. This is how we make your entire budget work at its best while your trip adds value to the local community.

How does this advisory service work?

You save time and effort

YOU SAVE TIME because you don't have to look for transport and accommodation, I recommend the BEST OPTION.

You don't have to spend hours and hours on the Internet to look for activities because I will give you EVERYTHING PREPARED.

Totally customised, you decide!

It is worth visiting the places of greatest tourist interest and combining it with areas where you can get to know the local culture as it really is. 

We are all different. Therefore, the design ofyour trip IS 100% ADAPTED to what you need.

Tell me everything to create your route according to your tastes and preferences.

All my experience at your disposal

Throughout the design of the trip, we will ALWAYS be IN CONTACT, solving doubts or concerns.

In the end, you will have everything clear because I will give you the information in a PDF that you can consult whenever you want. 

I will make recommendations so that you do not make the same mistakes that I made as a tourist. 

Are you ready?

This service IS NOT for you if...

✔ Planning a trip is overwhelming for you and you want quality information about Asturias. 

✔ You want a 100% tailor-made getaway according to your tastes, needs and values. 

✔ You want to save time when looking for transportation, accommodation, and activity planning.

✔ You need help finding a unique experiences from the hand of local people.

✔ You want your route to combine the typical with the authentic.

✔ You want to get the most out of your budget without sacrificing quality.

✔ It is exhausting for you to look at a lot of websites to find information on the Internet and you prefer someone local to make recommendations.

✔ You are going to organise a group trip and you don't know where to start. For an association, your company, for your group of friends ...

This service IS NOT for for you if...

✔ TYou like to plan your trip and you don't need help.

✔ You want to travel with your regular travel agency.

✔ You are looking for an "All Inclusive" package.

✔ You want a typical sun and beach vacation.

✔ You prefer to see the typical, what everyone visits.

How does is this service?


You tell me what you have in mind

The first thing is to fill out a form to get to know you better and find out what the trip of your dreams looks like. With the information you provide me, I will send you a travel outline with the first ideas of what you can discover in Asturias.

If you haven't done it yet, you can fill in your form here: Fill in the form to receive a travel outline adapted to me, 100% free

Remember that this is not a service for everyone. We are looking for people who share our values when it comes to travelling. If you are here it is because you have a different concept of travelling, and you want a trip that gives you cultural and personal value and that helps our collaborators grow.


We meet 

If you are going to entrust the planning of your trip to someone else, surely you want to meet them. And I also want to meet you to be clear on what you are looking for.

We will make a first video call without any charge. In this session I will explain in detail how the service works and how I can help you. 

I will present you a first travel outline based on the survey you sent me. The more information you give me, the more I can personalise your trip. We will review it together, see if the idea is on the right track or if we need to change course.

After this call, we will be clear about the type of trip you want. You will receive an e-mail with the summary of what we agreed on and requesting the pre-payment of 30€ for the advisory service.

Once this first payment is done, I will start to work on all the details of your trip. With all the dedication and care, as I do for my family and friends. 


We design your trip

Once the travel outline has been accepted and the first payment is done...

  • I will be in constant contact with you so that everything we plan is to your liking or we can make any changes you wish.
  • We design the travel plan looking for all the services you need. I will give you accurate, updated and quality information so that you do not have to waste your time.
  • The job has an indefinite duration and it is developed at the pace that is necessary taking into account the date of departure. We will coordinate so that you go step by step deciding and making the reservations for your trip.


Delivery of the service

Within the agreed period, normally between 1 and 2 weeks, I will have your trip prepared. You will receive an e-mail requesting the remaining payment for the service.

I will deliver an exclusive pdf or interactive google document where you will find all the information about your trip properly organised. This service offers you filtered and updated information so that you can make the bookings directly. This way, you control your budget and know exactly where your money is going. You do not spend on things that do not add value to your trip. 

If you need help, I will assist you to make your bookings and make sure that everything is ready for your trip. 

The travel guide I will deliver includes: 

  • Detailed information of the route, the day by day itinerary and everything you need to know about the area you are going to visit. 
  • Links to the transport websites to make the bookings you need for the transfers. I will recommend the best option for you.
  • Links to a selection of available accomodation based o what you answered in the questionnaire.
  • Recommendations of places to see according to your interests.
  • Contacts and indications to hire local guides and book activities or experiences.
  • Other recommendations specially for you, according to my experience and your particular needs. 


Final draft

With all the work done, you can still do one last check to adjust the plan.

Everything will be prepared and you will only have to wait for the day of departure. In any case, a week before departure, we will review the contracted activities in case there are any last minute changes according to the weather or the availability of the collaborators.

Don't worry you'll still have my support via e-mail at all times.

Enjoy the trip!

If you want to design your trip with Asturias conVivencias take into account that:

  • I have limited availability: no I don't organise more than 2 trips at the same time to ensure a high quality and 100% personalised service.
  • I need to know in detail the kind of trip you have in mind: The information I receive through the form is very important and that is why we also have that half-hour video call and I will be in continuous contact with you.  
  • I value my work: time is valuable and I invest mine so you don't worry. I take care to maximise the value of your budget and offer you a unique design trip with experiences that you would hardly have access to otherwise. 

How much is this service?

The price of this service depends on the number of days of your trip. It is not the same job to organise a 4-day getaway through Asturias as a 21-day trip that covers all the north coast of Spain.

3 day getaway

 45 € 

plus TAX

- Up to 3 days of trip

- 30 mins video call without cost

- Support via e-mail

- Flights and transfer information

- Available accommodation proposals

- Information about activities, tickets and routes

- Draft and final PDF of the route

4 to 7 days trip

95 € 

plus TAX

- Up to 7 days of trip

- 30 mins video call without cost

- Support via e-mail

- Flights and transfer information

- Available accommodation proposals

- Information about activities, tickets and routes

- Draft and final PDF of the route

More than 8 days trip

For a longer trip, contact me and I will give you a personalised quote according to your interests and needs.

By having more time, we can include other areas of northern Spain in the itinerary.

You are about to get your tailored dream trip to Asturias!

Click on the link below to fill out the questionnaire that will help me get to know you a little and find out what the trip of your dreams is like to start making it come true.

What do those who have already discovered Asturias with us say?

“Daniela's service was invaluable.

Her recommendations for connections between locations saved us time, money, and much effort. Most impressively, her recommendations for time-of-day and places to photograph gave us pictures we will treasure forever! Daniela helped this trip a one in a lifetime experience." SEPTEMBER 2019

RICK  //  Savannah

ÁNGELES  //  Miami

"If what you want is to know Asturias

With Daniela in Asturias conVivencias you are going the best way. From gastronomic experiences to spending time with the iconic and key people of the communities. Brewers, shiitake mushroom producers, basket weavers, to name a few. Live Asturias with an experience out of the ordinary with the personal attention of Daniela in Asturias conVivencias "


MAURICIO  //  Mexico

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