La mejor forma de vivir experiencias auténticas y originales del mundo rural en tu viaje al Principado de Asturias.

Looking forward unique experiences of the authentic Asturias?

Download this free guide and discover some of the best experiences of rural Asturias.

Do you love Asturias but you don't what to go where everybody goes?

Asturias conVivencias brings you closer to rural life by the hand of its inhabitants.

For us, rural tourism is more than just staying in a beautiful house in a wonderful environment... Discovering Asturias is travelling through its curvy roads, getting to know projects, learning about trades and handcrafts that are almost lost and enjoying food and scenery.

Because the best moments arise from the little things, when you spend time with endearing people. Living in Asturias we discovered things we never saw as tourists, so now we want to help you forget the routine and make the most of your trip.

Experiencia Ganadera

Want to discover Asturias in a small group?

Are you an open and cheerful person? Do you want to discover interesting projects and experiences with people like you?

Looking for a 100% customised trip?

Add, remove, select places and activities according to your particular taste and interests to achieve a route completely tailored to your needs.

Would you like to discover curiosities of rural life?

These microexperiences are an excellent option to complement your stay or disconnect from the routine at any time.

What is Asturias conVivencias ?

A project that unites farmers, craftsmen, musicians, Asturian countrymen by birth or by adoption or simply people like me who have discovered a different Asturias and that enjoy sharing their world with travellers. 

You will find exclusive activities that pass on the passion of people for what they do, their way of life in the rural world offering you something more than what you can find in travel guides or on the Internet. We bring you closer to the daily life of our hosts in a way that generates special and unforgettable moments. Discover places, traditions, projects or exclusive activities that would be very difficult to access in any other way.

Are you ready?

You just have to let yourself go, enjoy the small things, flow with what comes up and share a bit of yourself. It is much more enriching when you are not a mere spectator. 

Because we always go in small groups, in close environments where new friendships are created by having a connection with the activity and interests in common. Similar to when you visit friends and many times you feel that when you leave you leave a little piece of your heart behind.

What is a microexperience?

Our activities will allow you to learn more about the territory and get to know the surroundings by the hand of its inhabitants. 

We offer you real experiences to get a glimpse life in the rural world -traditions and local culture, crafts, agro-livestock farming, gastronomy and ethnography-.

Simple agrotourism visits are easy to find, but these experiences are exclusive activities that convey the passions of their hosts, their way of life in the rural world and offer you more than you can find in travel guides or on the Internet.

What makes us different?


Our hosts welcome small groups and are happy to share their passions, knowledge and projects.


Varied and exclusive activities that you will not find in the travel guides.


When you take part in one of our experiences you'll be supporting local craftsmen and producers.  


Enjoy the scheduled activities or ask for alternatives for private groups or other dates.

Remember, if you want to be aware of out latest news...

Download this free guide and discover some of the best experiences of rural Asturias.

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