Visit to a Permaculture Project

What is Permaculture?

La Permaculture is a methodology used for designing systems following design principles based on the patterns and characteristics of natural ecosystems.

It involves many disciplines, including ecological engineering, environmental design, bio-construction and integrated management of water resources, etc. that are developed in a comprehensive project. 

In short, it is about the conscious design of landscapes that imitate the patterns and relationships found in nature and that generate abundant food, fibres and energy to provide for the needs of its occupants, that do not over-exploit or pollute and that are sustainable in the long term.

What will we do?

On this visit, we will visit the La Retuerta farm, on the limits of the Asturian municipalities of Cabranes, Colunga and Piloña. In the 4 hours that the experience lasts, we will be welcomed by the host of the project, take a tour of the farm with an explanation of the different elements of permaculture and how they have been applied.

We will also have a participatory activity, according to the work that is necessary at that time on the farm. Halfway through the tour we will have a break in which we can enjoy a homemade snack.

Who is this visit for?

This visit is open to anyone with an interest in discovering permaculture or related topics (ecology, bio-construction, edible forest, food sovereignty, etc).

Price: 40€ per person.

Next date: Friday July 9, 2021           BOOKINGS

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